The other world is the place where secrets are exposed, Imam Khomeini sheds light

Imam Khomeini explained for believers through his theological works that the other world is the place where what is hidden is unveiled and secrets are exposed.

ID: 73751 | Date: 2022/04/12
Imam explains the matter through his famous work "an exposition on Forty Hadith" as following: 

Dear friend: try to be a man of strong will power and resolution, so that you may not go from this world as a person without resolution, and hence rise on the day of resurrection as a brainless-being, not in the form of human being.

For the otherworld is the place where what is hidden is unveiled and secrets are exposed. One’s audacity to commit sin, converts him little by little into a man devoid of will power, and takes away the noble essence of humanity from him.

Our respected teacher used to say that more than anything else, giving the ears to the sounds of music and songs, steal from men their will power and the power of resolution.

Hence, my brother, desist from transgression, resolve to return to God, and acquire a mien similar to that of true human being. Join the community of the men of religion and in seclusion pray to God, so that He may assist you in your mission, and pray that the Prophet (S) and the members of his Household (A) intercede for you.

May God bestow His graces and favors upon you. May He escort you in the coming dangers, since the path of life is full of great risks and hazards.

On the way of life there are very deep crevices and it is possible that one may stumble and fall in them in such a manner that none of his efforts could save him from the coming catastrophe. It is also probable that in some cases the interceding of an intercessor cannot save him either.

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