Imam and his devotees confronted Shah regime with spirituality

A memoir by Gulamhussein Ahmadi

ID: 74372 | Date: 2022/07/09
During Feveredin 1342 AHS on the occasion of the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam JafferSadiq (as), a mourning gathering was held in the house of Imam Khomeini at which he was also present. 

 Suddenly a number of people wailing and chanting slogans entered the house. 

They were those who had been wounded by the Shah's agents at the Fidhiyehschool.  

 Some of them wanted to shut the door of the house.  However Imam said, "Leave the door open." He then said to all those present, "Get ready for prayer

How much better it would be if Shah's executioners attack whilst we are praying so that we can receive salvation.  It would be a huge blow for them and an immense blessing for us."
(A memoir by Gulamhussein Ahmadi)