Imam Defended the Oppressed in Every Part of the World: Iranian Ambassador in Senegal

Imam Khomeini’s movement is unique throughout the history; he has changed the history of Iran and the whole world for good, Hassan Ali Bakhshi, Iranian ambassador in Senegal made the remarks in an Interview with Muslim World Correspondent.

ID: 33300 | Date: 2013/07/16
Hassan Ali bakhshi, Iranian ambassador in Senegal, introducing Imam as a true descendant of holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) mentioned that Imam led a very simple life while he could have a life of luxury in palaces of the deposed Shah.

"For him living in a small house among common people was an ideal. He put an end to 2500 years system of monarchy in Iran and established a democratic government", he added.

In response to the question: could Imam Khomeini defend rights of the oppressed as an ideal of the Islamic republic? Ali Bakhshi said Imam was himself raised up in a family who were supporting the oppressed and struggling against feudalism. Imam Khomeini always attached a great significance to the poor social status and preserved their rights against the oppressors. After the revolution slums area of the city were ruined and their settlers were accommodated and provided a place where they could stay, live, and work like the other citizens.

The ambassador also said Imam always hoped for all nations' peace and reconciliation as defending rights of the Palestinians against the occupier Zionist regime was a center of attention in his struggles.