Imam Khomeini Influenced Western World

A Chinese university professor says Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic left a great positive impact on the Western societies and people.

ID: 34645 | Date: 2013/12/03
Doctor Wu Chang, a university professor in china said in an interview with staff members of our website that Imam Khomeini`s dynamic thoughts have also made significant change in the Western world.

The professor at teacher training university in south China added  Chinese masses and public deemed Imam Khomeini as great personality whom dynamic thought and genuine teachings had not only transformed the Muslim world, but also left deep influence on the non-Muslim nations.

The academic figure went onto say that the great spiritual and religious leader had revived and granted Islam and Muslims a fresh and new spirit.

Chinese Muslims pay a great attention to the thought and works of the great Imam which conveyed real message of the truthful religion in every corner of the world, the intellectual noted.

  Chang also concluded that the Islamic Revolution shook very basic pillars of western colonialism but appealed its young generation and prevented the societies from social and moral decline.

The professor insisted on protecting and shielding Imam’s thought and legacy for the future generations over the coming centuries.  The intellectual concluded that Imam’s comprehensive revolution and thought must be carefully studies and examined and defined for nations in various parts of the world.