Imam Khomeini’s guidelines and legacy must be followed: Supreme Leader

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei says the set of guidelines sketched by the founder of the Islamic Republic must be followed in all perspectives by the individuals and institutions.

ID: 34823 | Date: 2013/12/24
The supreme leader made remarks during month of Moharram while delivering a speech about the tragic event of Ashura and significance of deep understanding of this historical happening for the current and future generations.

The supreme leader emphasized that individuals, the set-ups and institutions responsible for preaching must explain the core and deep insightful message of Ashura and revive the movement of the Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).

The leader also noted that the contemporary generation must follow footsteps of Imam Khomeini, his guidelines and legacy in all perspectives.

Meanwhile, millions of Muslims have held mourning rituals on Arbaeen, which marks the 40th day after the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them).

On 20th of Safar, black-clad mourners took to the streets and local mosques and other religious and community centers to participate in observances where elegies are recited in memory of Imam Hussein and his 72 loyal companions.

They were martyred in an unequal battle with the troops of corrupt Umayyad ruler Yazid ibn Muawiyah in 680 CE at a place still remembered and referred to as Karbala located in  Iraq.

Arbaeen, which fell on December 23 this year, was commemorated in several other countries, namely Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, Pakistan and India.

Meanwhile in Iraq, millions of Muslims from around the world thronged the holy city of Karbala to attend Arbaeen ceremonies.

The great Imam Khomeini used to attend Ashura and Arbaeen ceremonies and encouraged preachers to promote genuine and pure teachings of Islam during this period of great significance.