Imam Khomeini Attached Significance to Sovereignty

Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic underscored significance of sovereignty and independence and wanted to see free the Iranian nation and other Muslim states free form any type of foreign influence.

ID: 35572 | Date: 2014/04/16
The great Imam strongly condemned the former Pahlavi monarchy regime due to its submission to the foreign and colonial powers. The monarchy system was overthrown under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini following popular people pursing in 1979.

Imam Khomeini, the great figure of the contemporary history deemed the independence and sovereignty a crucial substance for development of the individuals and the nations.

The great spiritual and religious leader of the Islamic world also called for strength and growth of human and divine values which contributes towards the independence of societies.   The great imam emphasized significance of getting rid of various types of reliance and dependence on foreign and colonial powers.

One of the importance motto of the Islamic movement was to gain sovereignty and independence and Imam Khomeini frequently on its preservation following the victory more than three decades ago.

Imam maintained that independence from eastern or western bloc will restore dignity to the Muslim nations. The great Muslim leaders also believed that the sovereignty will also save the Islamic nations from failing into pits of colonial powers or prevent them from plunging into social and moral decline.

Imam’s dynamic thought triggered several movements by the oppressed nations which aimed at gaining dignity, independence and grandeur.