The holy month of Ramadan might have been prescribed, because...

ID: 36182 | Date: 2016/06/11
The holy month of Ramadan might have been prescribed, because it is a month in which the holy Prophet has perceived the truth. After this perception, the angels and the Qur'an have been sent down. By His power the angels are sent down and by the power of the grand wali, the Qur'an and angels are revealed. The grand wali reached the truth of the Qur'an in the holy month and on the night of Qadr. After the perception, He caused Quran to be sent down through the angels who are all subordinate to Him so as to communicate to people to some extent. The holy Qur'an is beyond our approach and it is beyond the capacity of human being. It is a secret between the Truth and the grand wali who is the messenger of God. It is revealed to the prophet in whole to be communicated to people in the form of words so as to be able to use it. If we understand the secret of the" Night of Qadr and ascension of angels" on the nights of Qadr that extends to the grant wali of God, (Savior of the humanity) May God's peace be upon him all our problems would be facilitated. All the problems we have are because we are veiled and cannot perceive the truth as it is and the order of existence as has been regulated.

Sahifeh, vol19, Page: 260