Imam Khomeini Advised Clerics for Self-purification

Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic advised seminary students and clergymen to pay serious attention and undertake efforts for their self and soul purification.

ID: 37123 | Date: 2014/09/22

The great Imam used to awake parts of nights to say prayers, recite supplications and recommended the youth to undertake serious efforts for purification of their hearts and souls during these sacred days and nights.

The great Imam also attached a great significance to ethical and moral values in individual, political and social perspectives of life.

The great imam once told a gathering that clergymen were trainer of the society and they must become role-model for the whole society. A part of Imam Speech in this regard comes as under:

First of all, we should edify ourselves. When we call ourselves clergy, we should be heavenly and spiritual. We should introduce ourselves as the clergy and teacher in society. What happens if, God forbid, a teacher does something wrong? God forbid, if it grows more, the clergy will fail. Defeat of clergy is defeat of Islam. It is the clergy who have preserved Islam up to this level and who have saved, collected and promulgated all Islamic laws. If, God forbid, we make a trivial mistake and it grows more till people take a dim view of us and imagine that we are taking steps against Islam, they would turn their back to us. And the day this happens, God forbid—May God never deem it—Islam would be out of our hands. Then certainly every one of us should shoulder a divine duty. Not only me, but also every one including all the clergy have this divine duty as a fixed obligation to refrain from taking a misstep and to maintain those with whom we work. According to his role, everyone should do this. For instance, a prayer leader should act according to his role as a person who officiates the people of the city. One who is student of theology at a school should act according to his role and deal with those with whom he has connection? We are all responsible when we lay claim to substitute a spiritual, human and Islamic regime instead of that regime. Following this, we must introduce Islam. If, God forbid, the nation finds something wrong with us, something that should not have been done, at this juncture when we want to bring Islam to power, the clergy will fail. Defeat of the clergy will lead to defeat of Islam. This is the responsibility vested in us. Every one of us should refine oneself and those within one’s radius.

I am informed of the current confusions. This is not something new to be highlighted by you. It is something I have heard for months. I am hearing it every day. I take action every day, but under these circumstances, it cannot be figured out immediately. I hope we all cooperate and work together to improve the situation. As we have done so far, I hope we will do from now on. May God confirm you all!