How did Imam Khomeini develop a new political and moral paradigm?

Answer: Regarding social and moralistic circumstances in Imam Khomeini’s time, the two concepts of moral or ethics and politics in his holiness thoughts were investigated. Given the comprehensiveness of Islam Imam was capable of alteration and changes in the fields of political and non-political, commenting and theorising in formation of government, prioritisation of people’s role in political changes and usage of politics and offering political methods alongside with ethnical styles in improving the current situation, and basic changes in moral relations and politics. And this especially in the post Islamic revolution and formation of the Islamic government was actualised also as a fact in the real world and unlike merely theoretic viewpoints of some of the religious and non-religious think tanks and experts, moral and political principles originated from Imam’s Godly and spiritual thoughts entered the stream of new ruler ship of a world that is drawn in political and moral schools of materialism and atheism.        

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