What was the approach of the Imam toward establishing a political system based on democracy?

Answer: People in Imam’s thought and style of ruling have a special place and they play a pivotal role in. Imam would find the magnificent movement of the Islamic revolution truly indebted to the achievements of our great people and the objective mercy of God. For this reason he introduces people as the master of revolution and emphatically advised the authorities to serve people with their most and best services. Imam right through life saw him a servant of people and highly appreciated them; regarding this matter his testament ends with apology from God and people for any probable short coming, plus prayer for people. No jurisprudent across our history entitled people with rights and roles as much as his holiness did and none of them ever respected people this high. In the Islamic ruling style that Imam points out supporting people, in particular deprived ones counts as Godly duties of Islamic government authorities and all his holiness emphasise on the importance and role of people comes from the value that the true and straight forward religion of Islam grants to people. For instance Imam in a speech says: “In the Islamic Iran the final decision makers are people”[1]

[1] Sahifa Imam, v. 16, p. 266

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