Shah’s puppet regime closed all airports to Imam Khomeini

Shah’s puppet regime closed all airports to Imam Khomeini

The closure of main airports was the last move from Pahlavi regime in order to prevent Imam Khomeini from flying to Tehran.

This came as Shah had already fled Iran but had installed Bakhtiar as his puppet prime minister.

Bakhtiar had ordered military occupation of the Mehrabad Airport and some other airports which took place on January 24, 1979 by an order from the puppet prime minister installed by Shah Regime. The airport remained closed until January 30th.

Massive rallies in support of Imam Khomeini

On 26 January thousands of people marched in support of Imam Khomeini leadership to the Mehrabad Airport.  The Shah Regime forces killed dozens of protesters.

Imam released a message thanking  masses who had come from all cities and towns to Tehran in order to attend massive rallies.

Bakhtiar , the puppet premier installed by Shah, sought unsuccessfully to persuade Khomeini to postpone his return to Iran.

Imam refused to negotiate with Bakhtiar regime

Imam Khomeini, the great religious and spiritual leader, refused to receive a member of the regency council Bakhtiar sent as an emissary to Paris and also rejected Bakhtiar's offer to come to Paris personally for consultations.

Bakhtiar's attempt to prevent Imam Khomeini's imminent return by closing the Mehrabad Airport at Tehran proved to be futile.

Imam warns nation of Bakhtiar regime’s plots

The great lmam also made nation aware that Bakhtiar regime was conspiring to return the Shah to Iran. However, the great spiritual leader said this time the nation will confront all of the conspiracies and plots.

Imam calls for street referendum and massive rallies

Imam Khomeini called for a street "referendum" on the monarchy and the Bakhtiar regime; there was a massive turnout on January 29, 1979.

Imam welcomed by Millions

Imam Khomeini embarked on a chartered airliner of Air France on the evening of January 31 and arrived in Tehran the following morning.

Imam returns from Paris

Khomeini arrived in Tehran from Paris on February 1, 1979, received a rapturous welcome from millions of Iranians, and announced he would smash in the mouth of the Bakhtiar regime.

Imam established an Islamic-democratic system which brought prosperity for the Iranian people and the oppressed nation across the globe.

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