International Summit Commemorates Imam Khomeini’s Wife

International Summit Commemorates Imam Khomeini’s Wife

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has attended a conference on Imam Khomeini’s wife, the Late Khadijeh Saqafi commemoration on Sunday morning.

The one-day conference is being held this year at Tehran Summit Conference Hall and a book on the life of Imam Khomeini’s wife which includes her documents, autobiography, poems and unpublished pictures will be displayed on the sidelines of the conference, IRNA reported.  Several Iranian high ranking officials attended the ceremony to celebrate the Late Khadijeh Saqafi's 60-year struggle against tyranny beside Late Imam Khomeini.

The summit was also attended by Hojjat al-Islam Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of the founder of the Islamic Republic,  Iranian Interior Minister Abdulreza Rahman Fazli, Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati and several other officials.   The conference has been titled as ‘The Lady of Revolution’, referring to the Imam Khomeini’s wife.  An exhibition of the works and documents of this Lady will be also held at the Gallery of the National Library for the interested visitors.

Imam Khomeini’s spouse has been remained an intelligent backer and aide to the founder of the Islamic Republic throughout the history of the Revolution.

Lady Khadijah belonged to a religious family of Ayatollah Thaqafi and had leaned divine knowledge and manners from her father. She had stood behind Imam like a solid rock through all stages of the Islamic Revolution.

The lady Khadija described one of the most difficult and tough times of her life when the great leader of the Islamic world Imam Khomeini passed away and departed to heavens. She stood by her children and the revolution after the Imam’s passing away.

Late Lady Khadija is known as mother of the Islamic Revolution and her sacrifices are hailed and appreciated by all the entire Iranian nation and divine people around the world.

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