Imam Khomeini, a prototype for best leadership

Imam Khomeini, a prototype for best leadership

A former Afghan lawmaker says Imam Khomeini set distinguished and matchless patteren of leadership in contemporary history.

A former Afghan lawmaker has said that Imam Khomeini set distinguished and matchless patteren of leadership in contemporary history.

Recalling Imam’s distinctive qualities, Seyyed Mohammad Saeedi said in a recent interview that Imam performed all of his religious duties as well used to become fully aware of current affairs of the world.

He went onto say that Imam has had a comprehensive approach to religion and was committed to religious principles in all perspectives.

Saeedi added that Imam had never misused the emotions of the mass public, but guided them towards the right direction.

Imam was not only a political leader, but had been a great mentor of ethical and moral norms and highlighted the need for sticking to the ethical principles of monotheism, the former Afghan parliamentarian noted.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Imam Khomeini has been most polite and humble leader in contemporary era. Imam used to underscore that he would be preferred to be introduced as a servant of the nation instead of a leader.

Pointing to Imam's simple lifestyle, the former Afghan parliamentarian said that Imam had left very small amount of  inhertance which include books including a holy scripture of Quran, a set of glasses, and a prayer mat.

It is worth to mention that Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, had distributed all of his properties and lands among farmers and other needy people.   

A large number of people were attracted by Imam's divine qualities and his simple life-style, the Afghan figure said, adding that a huge crowed attended Imam's funeral ceremony which has been unprecedented in recent history.

He emphasized that Imam always oberseved piety in all fiedls including the politic as the Muslim world leader never used tricks to achieve political objectives.  

Saeedi also underscored that Imam was straight forward and never surrendered to enemies or in the face of troubles. 

The Afghan lawmaker concluded by saying that Imam was the most knowledgeable, the most just and well-aware of cricumstances. 

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