Imam Khomeini highlighted Hadrat Fatima’s divine attributes

Imam Khomeini highlighted Hadrat Fatima’s divine attributes

Imam Khomeini raised women status in the society, and sought their active participation in all cultural, religious and political fields.

Imam Khomeini had called for all women to follow the footsteps of the divine Lady Hadrat Fatima (peace be upon her), the daughter of the holy prophet of Islam. 

Imam made it clear that Islam raises the status and rights of women in society  as the role of women in their families, and specifically gave examples from holy ladies such as Khadijah and her daughter Fatima (peace be upon them who rendered great sacrifices to spread the divine religion of Islam. 

Imam Khomeini pointed out that Hadrat Fatima (PBUH)’s divine personality is not restricted to early days of Islam or specific era, but she has been the role-model for women throughout history and for all. 

 According Imam, the honorable daughter of Islam is role-model and a guiding light for salvation in this world and the hereafter. 

A series of Islamic traditions have indicated that God, the Almighty and his holy prophet has declared Hadrat Fatima-Zahra (PBUH) as the role-model for faithful women, and all truth seekers and believers thought all times and ages. 

The holy prophet of Islam has said that “Fatima is the best of all women of the world and a role-model for all Muslim women."

Imam Khomeini once said on a historic occasion that "The history of Islam is witness to the immense respect that the honorable Prophet had for Hazrat Zahra (Peace be upon them) which also powerfully reflects on the importance of women in society. If they are not superior to men, they are definitely not any inferior."

It is worth to mention that God, the Almighty revealed several Quranic chapters including Kauthar, Qadr and Dahr to praise Hadrat Fatima and her pure progeny. The divine personality of the daughter of the holy prophet of Islam firmly established the value of women in the Islamic society.

Islamic traditions stress that Fatima (PBUH) has been the role-model of all women of the world, and her greatness and dignity has not been limited to any particular location or era. 

The holy prophet of Islam himself stated that Fatima (PBUH) is best woman ever, from the beginning of time, up to its end. After exploring the history of mankind, someone can come to the conclusion that certain people have been looked upon as exemplars for certain qualities that they have perfected.

 However, the honorable daughter of the holy prophet of Islam is a role model in all aspects, be it spirituality, ethics or Gnosticism. 

The level of her knowledge was so high and was blessed with divine wisdom, , a fact that was acknowledged by friends and foes alike.

The precious sermons, supplications and sayings left by Hadrat Zahra are evidence of her intellectualism, nobility and strength of character.  She was a real manifestation of all divine virtues and attributes. 

The divine lady inherited the wisdom, determination, patience and knowledge from her father, the honorable prophet of Islam.

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