Students distribute Imam Khomeini’s message on Christmas

Students distribute Imam Khomeini’s message on Christmas

A group of students have distributed Christmas greeting cards which incorporates a historic message of Imam Khomeini on the occasion of Christmas.

The distribution of cards among the Christians of London’s Hammersmith serves to provide the public with knowledge about the founder of the Islamic Republic and the peaceful message of the Islamic Revolution.

The students, mostly Iranians, belong to Islamic Association in London. The association, also known as Kanoon Towhid (Unitarian Center), acts as a Muslim center and is located in a neighborhood predominantly Christian Protestants. The students maintain that the initiative will promote peace and confront extremists who spread Iranophobia or Islamophobia across the West.

The students have quoted some phrases from Imam Khomeini’s historic message delivered on the occasion of Christmas following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. In the message, Imam Khomeini described Christ as a great messenger who was tasked with establishing peace and justice.

A part of the historic message of Imam comes as following: “And O Nation of the Messiah, and followers of Jesus, the spirit of God, rise up and defend the dignity of Jesus Christ, and the nation of Christianity, and do not let the enemies of the divine teachings and the opposers of godly orders give false impression of Christianity and its clergy to the oppressed peoples of the world. Do not be deceived by the presence of the super powers in churches, or by their prayers for spies and traitors. They think of nothing but more power, or supremacy over the world, which is against divine teachings…”

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