Imam Khomeini’s book ‘manifestation of monotheism’ highlights philosophy of Hajj

Imam Khomeini’s book ‘manifestation of monotheism’ highlights philosophy of Hajj

Imam Khomeini’s famous works titled “manifestation of Hajj” underscores spiritual perspectives of Hajj and asserts the genuine aspects of divine event.

The book, which has been translated into English and several other languages, is one of the most important works by Imam Khomeini currently being displaced at an ongoing International Book Exhibition in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

The theological work, which defines philosophy of Hajj, has been widely welcomed by a wide range of audience at regional and international exhibition and is also being kept at prestigious libraries around globe.

The book cites importance of Hajj from basic Islamic sources such as Quran and Sunnah of the holy prophet of Islam

The Hajj--the Pilgrimage is one of the fundamental obligations in Islamic laws.

Imam throughout the book have explained the spiritual aspects of the event and recommends of reviving genuine Islamic and Abrahamic form of Hajj

Imam regularly used to put special emphasis on understanding the real philosophy behind marking the days of Hajj which are reminder of divine dignity and grandeurs.

These days are signs of God and should be respected. The great Imam used to underscore the occasion for discussing and resolving problems and issues facing the Muslim world.

The great leader also recommended the Muslims to use the season of Hajj to foster unity and mutual understanding among the Muslim society.

According to Imam, the event should be used for spiritual purification and self-construction of believers and faithful people.

Imam also stressed that crimes being committed by colonial and exploiting powers against Muslim nation should be exposed and problems facing the Muslim world should be discussed  at the divine event. 

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