There should be no mention of my name

The Imam wrote a book entitled “Kashf al-Asrar”. This book is unfortunately resembles the title of a book that one of the sons of a religious authority had compiled entitled “Asrar-e Hezar Saleh” (mysteries of a thousand year) in which he had ridiculed religious beliefs of Shi‘ite and had insulted the clergy, Imamate and all of these subjects. Out of a sense of responsibility for the condition of Islam, the Imam all at once cancelled all his lectures, debates and studies and everything else at the Theological School in order to write a response to this book. From what I gathered and recall, he kept aside all his activities for a full forty days and wrote a book entitled “Kashf al-Asrar” in rejection of the misguided book. Moreover, in order that there was no semblance of self-glorification, the first and second editions of the Imam’s book do not even mention that the book is authored by the exalted Imam implying that the name of the author is not at all relevant in this book and it is book that has solely been written in response to the book “Asrar-e Hezar Saleh.” This discovery reveals his devotion in this position that although he wrote the reply but because he did not want anybody to say that for example, what was the position of the rejoinder; he ordered that there should be no mention of his name in the book.

There should be no mention of my name: Ayatullah Fadil Lankarani: Extracts from vol. 3, p. 208.

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