Because you were reciting the Qur’an I became fond of you

I was reciting the Qur’an at the shrine of Hadrat ‘Ali (‘a) and was always there. The Imam saw me there and wanted to meet me. One day he sent a person to call me. Initially, I did not go because I thought the Imam is upset with me and wanted to give me a piece of his mind. The second that same person again came to call me and said: “The Imam has work with you,” I pleaded with him to tell me what work he had with me and he replied: “By God, I don’t know.” I asked him whether he was upset with me to which he replied: “No he only told me to go and bring the person from the shrine to him.” I asked to leave and told him that I would come later and he went away. When I was received by the Imam he asked me my name and I replied, “Haj Ibrahim Khadim Najafi!” he stated: “Would you like to live in this house and help us?” I replied that I could not be of much assistance to him. He stated: “You will become familiar with the job; be assured that you will be comfortable over here. Moreover, I have become fond of you and its not important how capable you are in handling the job here because you are a pious person and whenever I would come to the shrine, I would see you preoccupied with recitation of the Qur’an and supplications.”

Because you were reciting the Qur’an I became fond of you.

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