Imam Khomeini’s historic message to Gorbachev presented solution to world problems

Imam Khomeini’s historic message to Gorbachev presented solution to world problems

Imam Khomeini’s historic letter to Mikhail Gorbachev, the former head of Soviet Union contained presented solution to mankind sufferings.

The historic letter, which consists of deep vision, was delivered to Gorbachev by an Iranian delegation headed by Imam’s personal envoy, Ayatollah Abdullah Javadi Amoli in the Russian capital Moscow in early January 1989.

In the letter, the founder of the Islamic Revolution had predicted the collapse of communism and warned him against relaying on the Western powers to solve economic problems or other hurdles.

''It is clear to everyone that Communism should henceforth be sought in world museums of political history,'' Imam said, adding,  “Materialism cannot save humanity from the crisis of disbelief in spirituality, which is the basic affliction of human societies in the West and the East.'' 

A deep analysis of social and political conditions surrounding the world comes as following:

The message of Imam Khomeini to Gorbachev issued a year before fall of Berlin wall – which was the sign of power and division of eastern block – and two years before collapse of Soviet Union as the leading[country] of the eastern block and the conductor to communism.

The Importance of the message is not for foreseeing of Imam of the collapse of the inefficient communism ideology – just as such foreseeing had already been done by others too even though not as clear as Imam’s and mostly expressed as a kind of expectation or analytical conclusion based on probabilities.

The noteworthy point, privilege and superiority of Imam’s anticipation to other analyses was its providence and practicality, Imam in his message through an adamant assumption on the collapse of the obsolete and inefficient ideology of communism, by warning and tipping the last leader of the deliverer and promoter of communism in the world of the date,states the cause of collapse and reliable strategies to enter the post communism world, which is not seen in none of analyses and comments of other politicians and sages.

Imam by his special insight and frankness warns Gorbachev who’s just out of the swamp of communism not to slip in the trap of imperialismand western capitalism, Imam draws the clear route of future for him as such:

“Mr Gorbachev the main problem of your country is not the problem of [private] ownership, economy and freedom. Your problem is lack of true believing in God. This isthe very same problem which has taken or will take the western world to the state of boring and triteness too. Your main problem is [your] long last challenge with God and the origin of creation”. (Sahifeh ye- Imam, v21, p221)

And we saw that Imam’s smart insight was actualised and the countries achieved independence, for years remained wandering and bewildered.

The message of Imam was a unique attempt and was like an enlightening meteorite in dark and wandering time of just released from the yoke of communism people which Gorbachev and other leaders of the Soviet also admit to its value and timeliness. 

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