Turkish president slams Trump’s exit from Iran nuclear deal

Turkish president slams Trump’s exit from Iran nuclear deal

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has slammed the US President Donald Trump administration for unilaterally withdrawing from the multi-nation Iran nuclear deal.

“As Turkey, we do not accept re-igniting issues, including the Iran nuclear deal, that have been put to bed. We find the other signatories stating their loyalty to the agreement in the face of the US administration’s decision very positive,” Erdogan said during an iftar (fast-breaking dinner) for the holy month of Ramadan on Monday.

He also slammed countries that have nuclear weapons for “threatening the world.”

“If we are to be fair, to show a just approach, then the countries with nuclear weapons, which portray nuclear power stations as threats, have no credibility in the international community,” he said, apparently referring to the US and the Israeli regime, which possess nuclear weapons but insist that Iran not have access to even civilian nuclear technology.

The Tel Aviv regime has never denied that it has hundreds of nuclear warheads, and it has never allowed international inspections of its nuclear facilities.

President Erdogan also said that all nuclear weapons had to be flushed out of the Middle East, in an apparent reference to the Israeli regime, as it is the only entity in the region possessing such weapons.

“Those who have more than 15,000 nuclear warheads are currently threatening the world,” referring to the near total number of atomic warheads worldwide, most of them held by the US and Russia.

“Why are countries with nuclear warheads posing a threat to them?” he then asked, in an apparent reference to states such as Iran.

Trump withdrew the US from the Iran deal on May 8. He also ordered the re-imposition of anti-Iran sanctions.

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