The role of Sayyid Ahmad during the imposed war and the nation’s eight year defence

On the 22ndof September 1980 an unforgivable and barbaric attack was made on Iran. It seemed as if the Iranian people were being punished for breaking free of the super powers of the world at the time. The Americans and Russians expected the Iranian people to always be under their control and were upset that a powerful country such as Iran fought for independence and got it.

Imam Khomeini and Sayyid Ahmad at the Imam's house in Jamaran

The Iranian people were forced to defend their country and fight back. Sayyid Ahmad played a crucial role in the Iranian holy defence. The determined, untiring, trustworthy and skillful Sayyid Ahmad was always by Imam Khomeini’s side. When the Imam issued a statement Ahmad made sure that it reached the people without being distorted. He also kept the Imam up to date regarding the latest news on the war. Sayyid Ahmad also had many other roles such as arranging dates for the commanders of the revolutionary guards and the army to meet the Imam.

After eight years of difficulty and combat, the war was finally over on the 20th of July 1988. The world was shocked at the outcome; Iran was victorious. Many young men stood at the front line, defended their country, and lost their lives. They will be forever remembered as the saviours of Iran.

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