Daily program of the Imam in Paris

The daily program of the life of the Imam in Paris was that he would rest and sleep between four to six hours while the rest of the time he was constantly involved with his job. Normally, after the dawn prayers, he would begin recitation of the glorious Qur'an and studying the reports and news that continued until 8am. The Imam even replied to letters that poured in from all over the country. After taking lunch, he would rest for two hours and then get busy with work again and would continue until it was time for reciting the dusk and night prayers. After the mandatory prayers, he would work until midnight and according to those close to him, the Imam would go to bed to sleep and rest after 1 a.m. past midnight.[1]

[1]Daily program of the Imam in Paris: 'Ittila'at' newspaper journalist

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