Bangladeshi journalist:  Westoxicated Muslim Leaders Fail to Listen to the Call of Imam

Bangladeshi journalist: Westoxicated Muslim Leaders Fail to Listen to the Call of Imam

The reasons that made Imam Khomeini the undisputed leader of Islamic Iran was that besides, his characteristics, he enjoyed other qualities such as honesty, courage, perception, decisiveness and resolution, said Bangladeshi journalist.

Sayed Eqbal Rezvi, a Bangladeshi veteran journalist and author, made the remarks in commemoration of Imam Khomeini, the unmatched spiritual leader of Muslim world.     

According to the veteran journalist by giving vent to the thought that a Muslim must not tolerate oppression because of the verse of the Holy Quran which says: And Allah will not give the disbelievers any way (of success) against the believers (4: 141), the Imam opposed tooth and nail oppression, in justice, colonialism and exploitation, an opposition which was founded under the 'banner of Islam and based on Islamic tenets.

The slogan of "Neither East nor West" is the principal slogan of the Islamic Revolution propounded by the uncompromising Imam-in a world of hunger and oppression and outlines the true policy of non alliance for the Islamic countries and countries that in the near future, will accept Islam as the only school for liberating humanity and will not recede or sway from their policy even for a moment, Rezvi said.

He also went onto say that Islamic Iran today owes much to the Imam Khomeini, Iran has so far solved manly of her problems. And this has been possible because of the divine teachings as enshrined in the book of Allah and Sunnat of His Prophet (s), leadership of the Ulema led by Imam Khomeini and assistance of the committed and the adherents.

After the victory of the revolution in 1979 Imam Khomeini and the Revolutionary Council took all necessary steps to organize the Iranian Slate and society in accordance with the laws of Shariah, the journalist noted.

Freedom of speech and thought, freedom of political parties and freedom of the press have been established by the unforgettable Imam. The mass media is now free from colonial culture and influence, he continued.

But alas I the westoxicated Muslim leaders failed to listen to the call of the Imam to unite and work in unison to regain their lost imagine, glory and status, the journalist concluded.

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