The Details of the Religious Minorities’ Programs for the Commemoration of Imam Khomeini

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The Details of the Religious Minorities’ Programs for the Commemoration of Imam Khomeini

The secretary of the religious minorities committee of the Imam Khomeini commemoration committee stated that the bold presence of the religious minorities in Imam Khomeini’s commemoration ceremony shows the important position of Imam among the religious minorities.

Mohammad Reza Mowahedi in an interview with the reporter of the 23rd Demise Anniversary of Imam Khomeini Committee said: “Through the recent years and by organizing an independent religious minority committee the anniversary ceremony has been held more glorious each year.”

He continued: “This committee has four different types of programs for the entire country. Through these programs, the religious minorities including the Zoroastrians, Armenians, Jews and Assyrians will have different programs with the cooperation of the religious minorities committee.”

Mowahedi talked about the details of these programs and said: “The Armenians in Iran will hold their programs on one of the days of the Imam Khomeini commemoration ceremony at the Saint Sarkis Cathedral and the Saint Mary Church and a number of other churches in Iran.”

He added: “At the Saint Sarkis Cathedral the Archbishop Sibveh Sarkesian along with other bishops will perform a special ceremony.”

The Jews’ ceremony is held on May 21st as each at the Yusef Abad Synagogue (Sukat Shalom Synagogue) and they will perform an especial religious ceremony from the sunset until midnight, in this night they’ll perform an especial ceremony for the founder of the Islamic Republic which includes a speech and reciting parts of the Psalms.

Mowahedi also talked about the Assyrians’ programs: “THis program will include reciting prayers and a speech about Imam Khomeini.”

He mentioned the Zoroastrians’ programs as: “This group of the religious minorities will go to their central temple and their other temples in the monrining of June 2nd and they’ll have speeches about the Imam and they will also pray for the Imam by performing their religious ceremonies.”

Mowahedi continued with talking about the second part of the ceremonies and said: “During this part all the religious minority leaders, officials, head of unions and their MPs will gather at the holy shrine of Imam Khomeini and present a wreath to pay tribute to the position of the Imam, and afterwords two of the religious minority leaders will have a speech.”

He mentioned the third part and said: “At this part 500 of the religious minorities along with the martyrdom families and a number of the officials will visit the Jamaran Cultural and Artistic Complex (Imam’s residence, Gallery and Jamaran Hussayniah) and at the end they’ll gather to listen to a speech from Hojatoleslam Sayyid Hassan Khomeini.”

He also referred to the fourth part of the ceremonies as a special ceremony for the “Religious Scholars” and said: “The meeting of the “Religious Scholars” will be held by the attendance of Hojatoleslam Sayyid Hassan Khomeini and 26 notable professors and religious minority MPs along with the head of the unions and they will discuss the current subjects.”