The Month of Fasting


Abdol Rahman ibn Bashir has related that Imam Sajjad (a.s.) had recited this prayer each day in Ramadan: "O GOD this is Ramadan and the month of fasting …" (1).
Imam Sajjad (a.s.) mentioned this month as "Shahr al Siam", the month of fasting, Sawm and Siam each means to refuse eating and to refuse doing Sawmething, this thing means telling a word or eating, drinking, walking or any other verbs. A horse that does not walk is also called Sa'em and an immobile wind also means Sawm."
Religiously Sawm and Siam, each means to refuse doing specific deeds during a specific period of time with the might from sunrise to sunset. The most important deed in Ramadan is fasting. Ramadan begins with fasting and ends with it. Ramadan has a profound link with fasting.
The vastest and the most general prayers in this month are in connection with the success in fasting.
According to the Mafatih al-Jenan the honored Prophet of Islam (s.a.) said in the first night of Ramadan: "Praise to GOD who honored us by the means of the holy month. O GO! Empower us to fast and uprising."
Hadrat Ali (a.s.) has said that: "May you be gifted the fasting of Ramadan because it is as a shield for the flames of hell." (2)


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