The Month of Patience


In the Imams' words Ramadan is named the month of patience. Describing Ramadan our holy Prophet (s.a.) has said:
"Ramadan is the month of patience and the reward for patience is the heaven." (1)
Imam Ali (a.s.) has said:
"Fasting in the month of patience (Ramadan) and fasting trice in a month removes the pains and sorrows from the heart." (2)
As our holy Prophet (s.a.) has said:
"All the human's deeds will be rewarded ten to seven hundred times but the patience which is mine and I will reward it."  The holy prophet continues: "So the reward of patience is clear only to GOD", and continues in the end that: "Fasting means the patience." (3)
Allamah Tabatabayi has written:
"Whenever the holy prophet of Islam was depressed by something, he benefited the prayers and fasting so he could remove that pain." (4)
"Patience is in the daily life of every person, it's an obligation, and patience in religion is like the head for the body. Like a man does not exist without a head, religion does not exist without the patience." (5)
Ramadan is the way to reach to patience; it's practicing the patience and fortifying it. In Ramadan a man fights against self-desires. He won't be amused with flesh desires because he sees himself more respectable to aim valor.
Not to eat and to stop the lust in Ramadan; even in the level of the other months that is not only Halal but also recommended; is an exercise to fortify the man's will and accustoms men to be tolerant and to control their will.
Men in Ramadan learn not to be defeated when fighting against the problems and tenacities. Fasting is a lengthened patience on separation from the most important daily habits.

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