The Holy Feast


God almighty has invited you in the month of Ramadan to His banquet. As you see fasting is God's banquet; it is not like our parties with those formalities and lavish meals. It is a reception in which one should abstain from desires. Notice that one should perform the rituals in the holy month of Ramadan, particularly its mental rites. One should not be merely engaged in praying- prayer in its real sense is of importance. Remembering God in the real sense of the word is what brings tranquility to the heart. "Verily in the remembrance of Allah hearts do find rest!" (The holy Quran, 13:28) Remembrance of God means considering the presence of God everywhere. In the holy month of Ramadan, one should be preoccupied with remembrance of God and His blessings and thank God for His favors
Remember God so that He will help you succeed and curtail those hands which intend to sow discord among you .
Above all is that one should rectify oneself in the month of Ramadan. We need to purify and refine the self to the last day of our life. Prophets were also in need of this. Grand prophets were also the same, but they had realized their needs and subsequently acted to fulfill their needs. However, since we are veiled, we could not understand our duty and did not fulfill our duties. I hope that this holy month of Ramadan would be a blessing for you. Blessing means that you should plan to act according to the duties God has set for us. Pray in this holy month so that God almighty would make you successful in acting according to His gratification in the service you have undertaken. Ask God not to deprive us of His favors. Appreciate the value of this banquet. This banquet has many delicate and subtle points, which we should appreciate. The supplications handed down to us for the holy month of Ramadan and the month of Sha`ban is our guide to destination. According to our Shaykh (peace be upon him), these are the ascending Qur'an. He described the supplication as ascending Qur'an and the revealed Qur'an as the descended one. Anyhow, there are delicate points in these supplications that are unprecedented. Pay heed to them. These supplications can move man