Prayers Are the Loudest Cry


We succeeded by the name of God. Prayers are the highest remembrance and mention of God. No negligence should take place regarding prayers. Perform the prayers in a group. Don't say that I will go home and there I will pray. Association in prayers is better than praying individually. Keep the mosques occupied. They fear from the mosques. They whisper into your ears that a clergy is good for nothing. Why should you go to a mosque? We ourselves pray. They don't pray. But they want to counter the prayers. They do not let the Muslims pray. They are against prayers. Because they fear from mosques, I have a religious obligation to inform you to keep the mosques full and inhabited. You, the academic students and the religious students, none of you should desert the mosques. Mosques are the fronts. The fronts should be filled. The word" Mihrab" means the place wherefrom war imparts or emanates. "Harb" means war. "Mihrab" is the object. For the sake of conception, we can say it" alters". Today is more than all days, that is now, I mean the running moments, and this age is more sensitive. The reason is all things are achieved. Devils are disappointed. They are trying from all sides to create hurdles and block the progress. It is not important to them of their design gets succeeded after ten years. They make preparations for ten years. It is enough for them that the gradual progress in their plot. Mosques to get empty little by little and the clergy are set aside bit-by-bit. They replace by a man who is not a true clergy and has a belief in anything. Through him the prayers will be derelict. The fronts will be forsaken. Afterwards they will assault on us. So, you should keep a constant vigilance over this fortification. Don't say that we have done the revolution, no, it is not correct, the most powerful and strongest cry is the prayers.                        


Sahifeh, vol.12, Page: 338