Islamic Unity Confab opens in Tehran

An international Islamic unity summit has kicked off in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

ID: 42616 | Date: 2015/12/27
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani inaugurated the 29th session of the International Islamic Unity Conference on Sunday.

Senior government officials form Islamic countries and Hundreds of Shia and Sunni scholars are attending the gathering.

The ongoing challenges and crises facing the Muslim world are the main subjects to be discussed in the international event.

Addressing the 29th International Islamic Unity Conferenc, President Rouhani says the Islamic world is currently at a critical juncture, urging all Muslim nations to strengthen unity to counter enemies’ plots.

The president noted that enemies and big powers are doing their best to portray Islam as a religion of violence. He also strongly urged Muslims to take necessary steps to thwart all efforts aimed at depicting Islam as the religion of violence.

"Muslims have no option but to join hands [in unity] and ... choose the right path," the president emphasized.

The president also demanded an end to the “intellectual and discourse-based violence.”

Rouhani concluded by saying that a great deal of the ongoing violence, acts of terror and massacre must end in North Africa, the Middle East and West Asia.