Thousands visited Imam’s residence in Khomein

At least one hundred thousand pilgrims and tourists have visited Imam Khomeini’s historic residence in his ancestral city over the past four months.

ID: 44558 | Date: 2016/07/03
Figures show the tourists, pilgrims, intellectuals and academics from various parts of the world visited Imam’s house over the past few months.

The visitors included a large number of foreigners including, Arabs, western and people of various origins from across several continents.

Imam forefathers had remain popular among the public masses due to their resistance against monarchial and cruel local systems and foreign-backed regimes in recent centuries.

Imam Khomeini had distributed all of his properties and lands in city of Khomein among needy people and farmers.

Imam Khomeini established Islamic-democratic system at very sensitive juncture of the history when the colonial powers had divided the world into two Eastern and Western bloc.

Imam opted to live in a very simple house even after becoming the founder the Islamic revolution in 1979.

Imam’s simply built residences in the Iranian capital Tehran, the holy city of Qom and his hometown of Khomeini is visited by a large number of visitors across the world each year.

Imam’s personality and divine-oriented simple life-style continue to attract the attention of millions of believers and faithful people.