Imam Khomeini avoided luxurious life style

Imam Khomeini avoided luxurious life style

The founder of the Islamic Republic used to avoid from luxurious life style at all stages of his life.

Friends and family members recall that Imam’s house during his stay in holy city of Najaf did not have cooling system or air conditioner. 

Imam used to receive several religious, spiritual and political leaders and held meetings with them in that simply-built house. 

The great leader of the Muslim world used to work hard and exerted serious efforts for welfare of the Muslim communities in all through thick and thin times. 

He also led the Islamic Revolution from distance while in exile in Turkey, Iraq and France in very tough conditions and circumstances.

Imam Khomeini continued the same simple life style after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

The great Imam opted to live in a very simple residence in Tehran even after becoming as founder of the Islamic Revolution and received world leaders over there for important meetings. 

Imam also used to attach great significance to studying and reading works by scholars. Friends say whenever they consulted Imam; they found him surrounded by books.

Imam left several works which covers a range of fields including philosophy, mysticism, jurisprudence, poetry, Quranic interpretation and Hadith. 

Imam academic legacy and works are becoming part of university curriculum across the world.

Imam is deeply loved by his devotees and mass public due to his divine and moral characteristics.

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