Participants awarded in contest on Imam Khomeini’s ideals

A number of distinguished participants, who took part in a short study courses regarding the thought and ideals of Imam Khomeini, have been awarded with prizes and certificates.

ID: 46775 | Date: 2017/03/06
The academic ceremony, which was held at Isfahan branch of the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works, was attended by seminary and university figures.

The short study curriculum was held over a period in order to make devotees and students familiar with ideals of the late founder of the Islamic Revolution.

Addressing the gathering, Hojjat al-Islam Abbas Komsari, stressed the need for shielding, promoting and elucidating Imam’s works and ideals among young generation.

It is worthy to mention that Imam Khomeini, who has had a well command over several discipline of Knowledge, left several works covering various fields including philosophy, mysticism, jurisprudence, Quranic and Hadith sciences and literature and poetry.

Imam’s works have become part of the world reputed seminaries and universities’ curriculum across various parts of the globe over the past few years.

Dozens of Imam’s works, also available in digital forms, have been translated into several foreign languages. Imam’s ideals are becoming increasingly popular among followers of all divine religions.