Closing ceremony held for 9th poetry festival

Closing ceremony held for 9th poetry festival

A closing ceremony has been held for the ninth poetry festival which highlights ideals and thought of Imam Khomeini.

The ceremony was attended by Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, several other academics, intellectuals, literary men and university and seminary figures.

Addressing the closing ceremony, Hojjat al-Islam Komsari said that one of the main objective of the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works have been to introduce, promote and elucidate the dynamic thought of the founder of the Islamic Republic.

He went onto say that the institute has made use of views of scholars for the classification of the festival.

Komsari also described significant presence of the youth in the festival as a matter of great and positive development.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said that the institute is going to unveil two-volume books which contains the works and poetry sent to festival secretariat last and the current year.

The festival has been regularly held over the past years and poets, artists and intellectual present their works at the ceremony. 

It is worthy to mention that Imam Khomeini’s poetry contains treasures of mysticism and several divine and religious points.

Imam left several works in the fields of philosophy, mysticism, jurisprudence, Quranic interpretation, Hadith, literature and poetry.  Several of Imam’s works including a collection of poetry has been published and translated into several languages.

Imam’s works have been become part of seminary and university curriculum in recent years and are increasingly popular among scholars, intellectuals and followers of divine religions.




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