Video shows Imam Khomeini distributing gifts to his Christian neighbors for Christmas

Imam Khomeini wanted followers of all divine religions to become united under one banner in order to support oppressed people and confront unjust policies of imperial powers towards poor class of societies.

ID: 54484 | Date: 2018/06/27
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People within Imam's circle recall that he told us to distribute gifts to the residents of Neauphel-le Chateau.  These were usually Gaz (a type of confectionary), Aajeel (dried nuts or seeds or fruits) and Shireeni (sweet items) that some brothers had brought from Iran.  We carried this out and next to each package, we placed a flower stem.
In the places we went to, we sensed that many in the West were not familiar with this kindness and love, even between fathers and their children, They felt it very strange that the night of the birth of the Prophet of the Christians, a non-Christian Iranian leader was so close to them and felt love for them.  For example there was a woman who, when she took the Imam’s gift, was so overcome that tears rolled down her face.

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