The Imam's Gift on Christmas Eve

The Imam always treated Christians and other people following Godly religions with great kindness. When he was in Neauphle-le-Chateau, he offered gifts to his Christian neighbours on Christmas Eve.

On the night of Christmas, the Imam sent a message for all the Christians of the world which the news agencies broadcast. Beside this message he instructed us to distribute gifts that the brethren had brought from Iran—normally consisting of traditional sweets, pistachios and dried fruits and nuts among the residents of Neuphle le-Château. We did this and placed a flower beside every gift package. When we visited some of the homes, we felt that it was extremely astonishing for them that on the night of Christmas, an Iranian leader who was a non-Christian was so close to them and felt so much affection for them. In particular there was a woman who when she accepted the Imam’s gift became so excited that tears of joy rolled down her cheeks. This gesture of the Imam had such an impact on her that she asked for an appointment with the Imam. The Imam without a moment of hesitation agreed to an appointment. There were ten to fifteen of the local residents each of whom came holding a flower. The Imam asked the translator to enquire how they were and if they had any special needs or work with him. They replied in the negative saying that they only wanted to see the Imam from close and had brought these flowers as gift. With a smile the Imam accepted the flowers from each one of them and placed them in a vase that was within his reach and they departed extremely happy.

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