What was Imam's response to the taking off clothes of the theologians?

An officer whose name was Hosain khan Askari once every few days used to enter the school in order to annoy the theologians and that day he had come to take off their clothes and that was an excuse for annoying them and Imam…

ID: 59549 | Date: 2019/08/10
During the time when we were a clergyman all of us were attacked and were disrespected by infidelity. An officer whose name was Hosain khan Askari who used to come with some policemen to Darolshafa school and Imam and us had a cell in there used to take off the clothes of those who were into science or told them that they were bound to not use the theologians clothes.one day when that individual came to Darolshafa school and usually when he used to come to the school the theologians used to escape so that they would not be annoyed by him he stood in front of Imam's cell and I was standing in front of my cell on the stairs. Some of the great ones were in Imam's cell. Askari went to the cell's lobby and said: how good; the great and the masters. What should I do with this order and I have received it today? And what should I do with you who are the great and the masters? The mission is this that except for three individuals and they are Haj Sheikh Abdolkareem Haeri, Haj Mr. Hosain Ghomee in Mashhad and Haj Seyed Abolhasan Esfehani no one else has the right to wear the clergy's clothes. Before it was ordained that anyone who gets a permission lettercan wear the clothes and men used to go and used to get such a letter but what he said in that day was new and accordingly the examination and the permission letter are not posed anymore and no one has the permission to wear the clothes. One told him that we have problems and we are involved but we have attended the examination and we have gotten permission; what was that and what is this saying? Are they from one country and are you from another? He said that they have ordered them that way and they have ordered me this way. Then he said now why do you insist so much that in this warm weather you should wear the clergy clothes. Put aside the turbans; take off the cloak and the frock and cut some of the latter and make a jacket or I can use the lawful belonging of Haj Askar khan and I am an heir to that and make a suit for you. But every time he used to see him he used to preach to him and tell him that he should not annoy the theologians.

A section of the book interpretations of Imam Khomeini 's (peace be upon him) character sketch; Volume 4, p.7; third edition (1388); publisher Oruj printing and publishing. A memory told by Ayatollah Seyed Hosain Badala