Some points of learning science according to Imam Khomeini

Some points of learning science according to Imam Khomeini


His Eminence Imam regarding learning science noted two points that were very much sensitive: one was using all of one's strength and ambition for the purpose of learning science and two scientific discipline and order. Imam's perseverance and making effort was as such that those who have understood him from his youth to the present have not even found one hour during which he had nothing to do or he was killing time in his life and they have found out that he was so much yearning for knowledge that during all of his eloquent years of living even one second books or reports and other broad information were not separated from him.  Meanwhile learning science Imam had the points that are mentioned below in mind:

1-Precision regarding identifying and choosing teachers and masters

2- Discipline with respect to choosing the time for learning science and for study time and for discussion and that is one of the most important successes of a theologian and student.

3-Precision regarding choosing those who were in the same course for the purpose of discussion and exchange of lessons and views.

4-Discipline regarding selection of the natural and bodily limit without extreme pressure and that will have no other result but disillusionment.

Source: the book an array of the sun, p. 132, a memory of Mohammad Ali Ansari

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