ID: 63565 | Date: 2020/02/27

Queue up oh the rogues, the leader of the heart has come,

The life from far away, stage to stage, to her has come.

The nightingale, upon the branches is enthusiastically due to see her flapping to see her,

The rose entangled in mud, due to her disunion.

Tell Sinā Mountain “The period of unconsciousness is over,”

The Moses of justice after the wrong command has come.

Shout at the ignorant based owl totally,

From behind the mountain the perfect sun has come.

Tell the devils that the period of sensual gratification is over,

The life for you, deadly poison, has become.

The problem solving beloved from the fourth sky,

With the Jesus's aspiration for solving the problems has come.

Don't worry oh the sorrow-stricken, don't worry,

To rescue you Noah the sailor, to the coast, has come.