Death (1989)

Death (1989)

Jamaran Heart Hospital; Imam reading the Qur'an while on a hospital bed

Tuesday the 22nd of May 1989 was a sorrowful day for all those who were supporters and followers of the Imam. On this day the 2pm news reported that the Imam's bleeding digestive system needed an emergency surgery. People were so concerned that they went to the mosques and prayed for Imam Khomeini to get well. The updates that Imam Khomeini's doctors gave indicated promising news. However on the 2nd of June worrying news spread throughout the country. People started to pray again for Imam Khomeini and kept reading the following holy verse:  "He Who answers the desperate one when he calls to Him and Who removes [his] distress".

       The 3rd of June was a tragic day, the 7 am news on the radio stated the following:  "In the name of God, to God we belong and to Him we return. The holy spirit of the leader of Muslims and free men, Imam Khomeini, has gone to meet his creator."

      Upon hearing the news, people went into the streets and cries could be heard from every corner. Tehran and all the cities of Iran mourned this great loss. Hosseiniyaya Jamaran, where the Imam sometimes gave his speeches, was covered with black cloth and people came to mourn the loss of their leader.

Tehran; The restless crowd mourning the Imam's death

      On the morning of the 5th of June millions of people came to bid farewell to a leader who they loved. Millions of people all around the world saw incredible scenes, which showed how the people said goodbye to their leader.  It has been recorded that over 10 million people attended his funeral. This day reminded the Iranian nation of the 31st of January. Imam Khomeini captured the hearts of millions of people. Imam Khomeini's body was buried next to the graves of thousands of martyrs who had lost their lives for their country. The blessings his life bestowed upon people did not finish with his passing and still continues to illuminate people's lives today.

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