More kind than father, more punctual than clock

Imam never adjourned his schedule in any circumstances.

ID: 65326 | Date: 2020/06/28
It has been narrated through a series of memoirs that Imam had been so kind towards people, seminary students and also had been too punctual in carrying out personal and religious obligations and duties.

Ayatollah Mohammad Baqir Abtahi recalled that once they were spending some time with Imam in the holy city of Mashhad.

Imam used to perform pilgrimage to holy shrine of Imam Reza (PBUH) and recited supplications there. But all this was done in accordance with schedule and timetable.

He never adjourned his schedule in any circumstances.

Imam once saw me in the street in Mashad where he was staying. Imam smiled after looking at me and asked the reason for being there, Ayatollah Abtahi recalled.

At this I replied that I had confusion about a theological matter.

Imam took me to his stay place and started searching answer through basic sources and book and delivered great guidance in this regard. But reminded me why I had not raised the question at the appropriate time during Imam’s theological lectures.

(A memories by Ayatollah Mohammad Baqir Abtahi)