Establishment or implementation of social Justice from perspective of Imam Khomeini

Imam Khomeini believes in good governance practices and the establishment of social justice.

ID: 68016 | Date: 2021/01/23
Imam Khomeini, who has had well command in addition to jurisprudential origins, has a wonderful views and opinions on running society and governing affairs.

He believes in good governance practices and the establishment of social justice.

 According to him, the divine principles should be practically carried out in the social arena and should be implemented in a foreign policy as well.

This couldn’t materialize unless the Islamic justice is done and the divine-oriented laws are implemented in the social arenas of people's lives by the government.

In this category, all branches of the government including legislature, executive and judiciary should undertake serious effort in implementing the rulings from top to bottom in accordance to the Islamic justice. All government and judiciary appointment should be done merit and in fair manner.

Imam's views have been presented with details in legal and jurisprudential writings such as the book Tahrir al-Wasilah.

In addition to theoretical discussions, Imam had been engaged who managed various aspects of governance and judicial issues directly or indirectly, and therefore is in a set of emerging issues that have been resolved appropriately.

From this perspective, exploring the Imam's ideas in the category of judiciary and judgment can be a solution in improving the affairs for legislative and judicial branches. In this article, a lot of effort is put into this.

The study also explains their pure executive views in various ways from their words, origins and practical life.

This research is also an effort to look at from pure scientific perspectives and experiencing some of the effects of the implementation or non-implementation of these ideas and theories.