Please, explain Imam's perception of "Ijtihad" and "Substantial Ijtihad"?

Literally, Ijtihad is derived from the root word of "Jihad" which means the end effort in doing or gaining something. In juristic expression, it refers to the efforts of the jurist in acquiring the legal rule from the jurisprudence sources. The legal authority or "Mojtahid" is someone who acquires the divine and legal rules with his own Ijtihad. The substantial Ijtihad is also derived from the individual reasoning method of the late Sheikh Mohammad Hasan Najafi- famous to the owner of substance- and the author of Jawahir ul-Kalam(born in 1266).

This book is a complete juristic encyclopedia which includes the words of spirituals and their deductive reasoning. This juristic book is an illustration of juristic movement and its compilations as a work of research, criticism and investigation of past jurists' words and their deductive power based on Quran and Hadith.

Imam's perspective of jurisprudence or substantial Ijtihad is the attention to deduction and the discovery of Islam's basic perspectives and the requirement of study in understanding the divine rules from the four sources of Quran, tradition, consensus of juristic opinion and intellect with the methodology of the late Najafi. Imam believes that some of the interpretations of Ijtihad are not sufficient in some theological schools, which seems to lack the attention to th subject matters, and situational factors of time and place and the governmental dimension of juristic discussions.

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