Why the holy month of Ramadan is called as spring of Quran?

Answer: The holy book of Quran was reveled to the honorable prophet of Islam in sacred month of Ramadan. It means there is close association between these two divine phenomena.

Moreover, the holy Quran indicates that observing fast was a duty and obligation for the followers of all divine religions including Islam. The ultimate objective of observing fast is to achieve piety and piousness for the believers and faithful people.

According to holy Quran, only the pious can attain the real guidance from the divine scripture.

Imam Ali (peace be upon him)  also said the holy Quran is best of the words, bears divine wisdom and he recommends to ponder in its contents since it plays a role of spring for hearts and souls.

The holy prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) has also recommended to recite holy Quran during the holy month of Ramadan. The honorable prophet said in one of his sermons that reciting a single verse of Quran during the holy month amounts to reading the whole holy book during other parts of the year.

It is a crystal clear that reciting Quran in Ramadan has a matchless reward during this holy period of the year.


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