According to Imam Khomeini, how did Holy Prophet try to eliminate oppression?

Imam Khomeini in historic remarks once said in this regard as following:  

The thing that we must pay attention to on the anniversary of the Prophetic mission is that the objective of the Prophetic mission of the Prophet of God was to teach the people the path to eliminate oppression; to teach the path that would enable the people to confront the exploiting powers. The Prophet’s mission was to save the moral conduct of the people, the lives of the people, the souls of the people and the physical bodies of the people and all of these from evil; to do away totally with darkness and replace it with light; to do away with ignorance and replace it with the light of knowledge; to do away with the darkness of oppression and replace it with the light of justice. It has shown us the way; it has taught us that all people, all Muslims are brothers and must be united and not have differences. 

Sahife-ye Imam, Vol. 17, page 403  


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