Could you explain the reasons by which Imam supported people in the revolution? Was the only reason his religious fellowship with people?

Answer: Imam Khomeini’s testament carries a sentence that perhaps reflects every reason and criteria for his lifelong support for every justice seeking movement: “And the notable item worthy of mention here is that my divine–political testament does not belong to the great Iranian nation only, but it is a recommendation to all Islamic and oppressed people of the world of every nation and religion.”[1]

Regarding the sentence in Imam’s testament it is then clear that since he includes all Islamic and oppressed nations, in his mind set favouring oppressed nation is so important and of a great and clear value, because the general spirit of his philosophic, mystic, canonical and political thought is breaking through every darkness causing veil and fight with oppression. Interesting is that in Quran etymology Zolm [oppression] and Zolmat [Darkness] come from same origin, and no matter if people are oppressed by Islamic people or systems or communist, liberalist, fascist, or any other school and ideology. On the other hand Imam Khomeini’s political system on one hand is based on Islamic ethnics and on another hand based on Assignmentism[2].  Yet determining methods and prioritisation of supporting the oppressed when it is on a national or wider level and not just personal must be based on elites and sages thoughts and majority consensual decision making although in case a majority decision maker believes that support of the oppressed needs an interest justification, then it won’t be included in the frame of Imam’s thoughts, meanwhile Imam believed that people according to their Godly nature do not appreciate oppression  and once they get on the progression rails then they will not take oppression from any oppressor in any type and shape and a healthy nature will not compromise morals on interest basis but it’ll think of his [religious and moral] assignments. Same time it is more than clear that knowing and right recognition of assignments also needs deep thinking and pondering free from emotions, personal and band interests, and also free from carnal desires and impulsions to be able to apply Godly assignments in accordance with their applications in a more realistic way.

Altogether in Imam Khomeini’s political thought supporting Mostazafan [the weak and poor] and oppressed people is a goal that extends the Islamic revolution beyond geographic borders of Iran and joins the Islamic revolution like a link with all other Islamic movements and even every freedom fighting movement. Imam Khomeini comments on the matter as follow: “We are in the oppressed people side. We take the side of whoever wherever is oppressed[3].  Work on formation of a united front for Mostazafan [weak, poor and oppressed people] is a basic pivot of Imam’s thought.

[1] Sahifa Imam, v21, p400.

[2] Believing in God’s assigned duties for us as the first and unquestionable priority.

[3] Sahifa Imam, v5, p148.

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