Is there any recommendation by Imam about the succession after himself?

As a political leader Imam Khomeini did his best to pave the way for the realization and supremacy of law within the social, cultural and political frameworks of the Islamic Republic as specifically he reminded the authorities to move and conduct the affairs on the axis of law and justice. He was himself a dedicated leader who expected all to remain law-abiding and resolve their problems under the supervision of law.

According to the article 107 of The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Assembly of Experts as a deliberative body has been given the responsibility to designate and dismiss a leader whenever he becomes incapable of fulfilling his constitutional duties. We do not have an ancestral succession in the Islamic law.

There are however some recommendations by the great Imam in this regard which were recited by Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani as memoirs both in Friday prayers and the sessions held in the Assembly of Experts.

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