Imam Khomeini in Paris had announced that he would never be head of the government after the victory of revolution and returning the country; how did he change his decision to take the control of system?

One of the European correspondents on 19 Aban 1357 raised the following question in an interview with the Imam:

Q: [Does Your Eminence Ayatullah intend to take a place at the head of the government and assume official responsibilities in the new government after the victory of the Revolution and returning home, or you don’t?]

A: No, we have the responsibility of guiding. There will be no involvement in other affairs. (Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol. 4, p. 408)

As you know, in a political system that is the president who is the head of government and it is clear that Imam would not accept such a position for himself, however he reminded that his main duty was guidance as a spiritual leader.

Moreover, the Imam in his interviews had never told that he was not responsible for leading the revolution, but he did not see himself just as a political leader, that is why he mentions: “we have the responsibility of guiding.”

The great founder of Islamic republic highlights his guiding role in another interview with a Danish reporter on 5 Azar 1357:

Q: [Your Eminence, Ayatullah, we always respects the elderly. How do you foresee your own role in the future government of Iran? Who should lead your future government?]

A: We have competent people to govern and will introduce them in the near future. It is said that there will be a vacuum, if the Shah leaves; it is not true.

Of course, I don’t aim to directly interfere in the affairs. When the government has been established, I will have the position of its guide. (Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol. 5, p. 120)

It is worth mentioning that the great Imam during his 116-day residence in France more than 150 times was called the leader of revolution by the reporters. The reason for that is crystal clear, Imam was leading the revolution and naturally they would call him the leader. However, after the victory of Islamic revolution when the new system was established by his Eminence Imam not only was known as the great founder of Islamic republic but also became the spiritual leader of Muslim world.  

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