How we are able to confront the hostile activities of enemies through advertisement according to Imam?

Developing and promoting the divine kingdom had been always a great mission for the prophets of Allah in all religions. In Islam it is as important as struggling for the sake of God.

During the two last centuries, advertisement exploiting different tools and equipment has been mostly at the service of business and commercial activities.

The word advertisement itself has different connotations, sometimes it is used positively, sometimes it creates negative senses.

Briefly speaking from the viewpoint of Imam a constructive promotion should possess the following features:

-          Promotion in its true sense is a divine duty to convey the message of revelation.

-          It is not limited to philosophical and theological discussions

-          It enjoys from all lawful and legal media

-          There must be correlation between the subject and the medium of promotion

-          Justification for promotion and its expenses is needed

-          It can identify and confront destructive advertisements carried out by the enemies

It is worth mentioning that Imam Khomeini as the leader of revolution during his stay in France was enjoying from different types of media such as tape-recorder, written media, and audio-video interviews to convey his messages to Iranian nation and all oppressed people across the world.

His historical message to Gorbachev on the eve of Christmas to foretell dissociation of Soviet Socialist Republics is a brilliant example of influential-universal advertisement and promotion.

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