What are Imam Khomeini’s ideals about Islamic veil and whether they have been implemented in society?

According to Imam Khomeini’s views, Islam wants women to achieve the peak of intellectual, scholarly, social, political, and spiritual growth and benefit society and humanity in the best possible way. All Islamic teachings, especially the issue of hijab, are based on this.

 The objective and purpose of hijab is not to isolate women. It is absolutely wrong to think that hijab is a means of isolating women. The purpose of hijab is to prevent unprincipled relationship between men and women in society. This kind of relationship will harm society, men, and women.

After exploring Imam’s theological works, we may conclude that Hijab is a value that is consistent with human nature. Wearing immodest clothes and the unnecessary mixing of men and women go against natural human tendencies.

In order to harmonize couples' life, the divine religion of Islam has specified a natural procedure so that they can manage their life together. The religious teachings have divided responsibilities between wives and husbands.

That is because the delicate nature of women and their characteristics are considered the embodiment of delicacy and beauty in the world. And if we want to prevent our society from being plunged into corruption and turmoil, we should keep women in hijab.

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