How did Imam see politics and religion inseparable?

 In this regard Imam says:

“Saying we have nothing to do with politics, is tantamount to keeping Islam in isolation. Swear by God, Islam in all its aspects deals with politics. Islam has been in fact misinterpreted.”

It seems that Mudarris, the renown Iranian scholar shares the same views with Imam Khomeini. He says, “Our politics is our religion and our religion is our politics.”

Imam Khomeini further says:

“The politics that I am talking about is the politics of our country. It is a perfect form of politics that the Prophet (s) of Islam and our leaders in Islam practiced. They came to guide people and lead them towards their real interest. Politics is meant to guide people and take into account all interests of the society and man. This is the politics of the Prophets which others are unable to implement.

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